General information

In addition to standard PSTN access, the Eurescom voice conferencing server is also available via Voip (SIP) over a dedicated internet uplink. Simply dial this extension in your SIP-enabled soft- or hardware phone:


The login procedure using a 5-digit Conference ID is the same as with PSTN access.



SIP Client setup

If you already use a SIP-enabled software or hardware phone, please try dialling the extension. If that does not work, please install X-Lite from it is available for Windows and Mac.

Make sure you use X-Lite Version 4.9.8 build 84253 or later.


You need to configure an account (in the free version you can configure one account only).


Once you install the client go into the menu Softphone - Settings

Add following data in the account tab:

- Type Eurescom in “Account name”
- SIP in “Protocol”
- Only select “Call” checkbox in “Allow this account for”
- In “User ID” type your first name
- In “Domain” type
- Leave password box empty
- Enter your full name in the “Display name” field.
- Uncheck the checkbox “Register with domain and receive calls”
- The “Send outbound" radio button should be set to “Domain”


Then go to the Topology tab and enter:
- Select the second radio button called “Discover public IP address (STUN)”
- In “Server address” field type


Make sure "Microphone Boost" is disabled in the Advanced Controls settings in Recording Control (double click the loudspeaker icon - select Advanced Controls then click Properties - Recording - click the Advanced button below your microphone volume control)


That's it!

Then dial the conference bridge by typing in the name or number box (hit Enter to dial), after a few seconds you will be prompted for the Conference ID (e.g. type in 37123 and hit Enter)